Lets just say I sold our toaster.



It happened. And it's gone! And I haven't looked back.

...Big things in store... 

So yes, simplifying life right now. Removing the clutter. The excess. The extra things that weigh us down. And making a plan of action. Being intentional. Taking surprising steps to lighten our load a bit, preparing. We want to be YES people. Able to go at a moment's notice and able to happily stay and live and breathe and love at the same time as well.

Goodbye, toaster. 



Sectionals and Pillow Sizes

I've been using polyvore to upload photos of my spaces and then import items to create collages of spaces and ideas before actually implementing. I'm sure there are better options out there meant for design but for now I am enjoying this free and easy to use site. 

My good friend was over last night and she had laid the pillows out like this, testing out sizes. What do you think? I like it. It seems simple and cozy. We also considered maybe just doing three different sizes and shapes of pillows for the corner of the sectional and leaving it at that.

Sometimes I drive myself crazy because I want such simple and peaceful spaces but it's really not always easy to come up with that! In general, anything that is white, gray, black, black and white or patterned gray I am in love with. But then there's another part of me that loves color! So I get design confused at times... polyvore helps me with this! :)

What do you think? What size pillows do you prefer for your sofa? The big ones in this picture are 24" and the lumbar pillow is a 16x26". Searching for pillow covers, maybe black and white or textured whites. 

Here's the window seat across the room and the pillows on it. 

What do you think? Anyone have any pillow suggestions for keeping things simple and clean and also fun and neutral all at once? Can't wait to get this space finished! 




Powder Bathroom

Hello! Today I'm excited to share our powder bathroom with you. Though I love the design and technically I executed it myself, I need to give credit where credit is due!

I fell in love with the powder bathroom / laundry remodel of Home with Baxter and wanted to take pieces of that bathroom and incorporate it into my sweet little powder bath.  

Here it is! I'm still learning how to edit photos appropriately, not sure I've figured it out quite yet. But hey, it's all a process.. blogging, photography skills, editing, learning, sharing, growing... :) So here we have it. :)

Do you like my dirty garbage? Lol.... Despite being dirty, it does make me smile. Such a cute farmy garbage IMO.

Do you like my dirty garbage? Lol.... Despite being dirty, it does make me smile. Such a cute farmy garbage IMO.

Bathroom Details and Sources! Orchid. Hand Towel. Art. Wire Basket. Trash Can. Frame. Beadboard is 5ft up. Carrera Marble countertop. Cabinet in Sherwin Williams Pure White paint. Chelsea Gray by Sherwin Williams wall color.

Happy decorating everyone. What do you think? Do you take rooms you like and try to incorporate ideas and inspirations into your own spaces? I love doing this. Another thank you to Home with Baxter for such a great design in their own place and for sharing it so people like me can be inspired. Copying is the greatest form of flattery, right. I am loving this powder bath and especially the ART!! LOVE the art by Lisa Golightly. It reminds me of summers at my Nana and Papa's lake cabin growing up.