Andrew Dancing Age 2

This video is making me very happy tonight!

What once was lost… now is FOUND!


Worthy of a share!

Thanks Ben Nesvig for this video you made back in the day. We love it!

Kids are the best, I’m thankful to the Lord for making me the joyful mother of three children.

I celebrate this moment with Andrew, my first, and that it got captured on camera. I haven’t always been the best at organizing photos, video and all . the . things.. but am working on it now that they are almost 12, 10 and 7. Can I get an Amen someone! Can’t do it all. :)

To this point I’ve been present over perfect and I’m thankful for these/those sweet moments shared! Time to work on sharing more pictures of real moments.

xx, Happy evening lovelies!


Andrew's Been Making Videos! :)


Gotta love when your fifth grader gets into video making. He’s a natural! Can you tell he loves watching Dude Perfect?!

Trick shot Wednesday! :)

Happy Wednesday!




My friend Kennesha is coming out with a book! You can pre-order it HERE.

Its called, “Restoration House: Creating a Space that Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter.”

Yes, Kennesha! Go girl!


You can find her on Instagram at @restorationhouse .


Isn’t she beautiful! And she’s so gifted at design and in my first hand experience creates the most gorgeous simple tablescapes you have ever seen! Specifically referring to her volunteer work at our church designing the tables for a once a month event called She. She just knows how to make things beautiful.

I can’t wait to read this book as I know she’s one of those people who just gets it when it comes to design, like that friend who you want to ask how did you make that so simple and lovely. But you know what is simple to others is not so simple when you try and create that same beauty yourself. 😂

Thank you, Kennesha, for sharing this book with the world! Truth is I don’t know what it’s about yet entirely other than creating a home that gives life and connection to all that enter but that’s reason enough in itself! Can’t wait to read!

Order your book HERE.

Happy day, lovelies!



You Can Do Hard Things! And... Piano Man!

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Can you believe that my middle son is already nine years old and had his very first piano concert yesterday? I am SO PROUD of him!! It’s not easy to get up in front of a room full of people, speak into a microphone with all eyes on you and sit and play a MEMORIZED piano song when you’ve only been playing piano for seven months. WAY TO GO my sweet boy!!

Attention all third graders! Asher would like to encourage you, that you can do hard things! And what it was like to play in his first piano concert.

Have a great evening!



Friday Favorites

Good afternoon, lovelies!

A few favorites this beautiful Friday afternoon to share with you.

  1. Jilly Presets!!

    Take your instagram from drab to fab, or more importantly save yourself so much time and effort by purchasing and downloading Jillian Harris’ lightroom presets. I have been having so much fun with mine, super easy and quick on your phone.

  2. Emily Jeffords art resource list!

    Do you aspire to paint, just for fun? I recently purchased and downloaded Emily’s list of art supplies she uses. My daughter Annabel loves to paint and I think it’s awesome Emily was willing to share her go-to supplies with us as someone who earns her living making masterful gorgeous paintings! We have two of her paintings in our home, one is a custom painting and I am so thankful to have this opportunity for my daughter to use great art supplies without me needing to know or understand the world of art supplies. We are excited to paint over Spring break and can’t wait to give Emily’s tutorials a listen during that time!

  3. Nordstrom Nuptse North Face Down Coat!

    I know it’s spring and all and the tank tops and flip flops are calling you but I recently asked for this coat for my birthday and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Spring Flag football games are not going to have me down in the dumps in coldness, this year I’m going to be nice and warm in my sleeping bag coat. Hallelujah!

  4. Tidying up with Marie Kondo

    Netflix series. If you haven’t seen it give it a watch! I especially enjoy watching her joyful reaction and smiles when she sees people’s clutter for the first time and knows that she’s got an answer for them to organize it. :)

  5. Allie Casazza’s Uncluttered Home series.

    This is an investment at $297 but she does offer discount codes from time to time and mainly once you purchase you will have access to go back and reference. I love that she’s helping moms organize and de-clutter and simplify their life from the comfort of her own home and we get to listen from the comfort of ours. I spent the longest time not buying this but getting the emails from her, finally I took the plunge last month and am so glad I did! It’s also nice to have another mom next to you who “gets it".” Listening to this series I just knew she gets me! :) Thanks, Allie! xx

I hope you enjoy these recommendations, they have been crafted with love to you. Happy Friday, lovelies!