Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Favorites

Hello Lovelies!

Today is a beautiful gorgeous day in Seattle, home of Nordstrom! It has been awhile since I have shopped at Nordstrom, truthfully. Mall of America had a great Nordstrom's but people just didn't shop there like they do here in WA. I think in Seattle Nordstrom's is kind of like the Target of Minnesota. Everyone goes there. Everyone loves it. (I still love my Target). :)

So with that said... drum roll.. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Finds!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Yes, they are insanely expensive. And YES, you will wear them everyday! They are that cute.

No one told me I was missing out on a mini face massage every night! Seriously, now I get it. It's more than just washing your face and one extra thing to charge on your bathroom counter. You're signing up for a face massage morning and night. Yes, please. And yes I bought the turquoise one to match my home decor. Who does that? Me! Turquoise pops are so appropriate for a beach home. :)

You can't go wrong with this blush, bronzer, highlighter combo pack. I'm very minimal these days in my makeup routine, and though the pack is a bit larger than I would prefer for my tiny bag in my drawer it is worth it! Yes, I care about the size and what it looks like, been trying to simplify these days. Not much extra space around here! So every decision counts. Combo pack is good!

I tried out this Sunscreen after reading about it on a blog post about someone else's favorite Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale purchases. Tried and tested at the beach today and we give it the thumbs up! Ordered the bottle of lotion as well to keep neatly on our bathroom counter for the summer in a cute West Elm basket. :) Yes, everything has to have its place. That's what happens when you move a lot and discover about yourself that you do better with simple and organized. :)

When I traveled to Sweden in 2001 everyone was using face spray. I had never heard of it until that point, tried it and it sure was refreshing during a long airplane ride! Definitely a bit frivilous but I don't know, maybe there are health benefits? It certainly is refreshing!


David & Young Hat, Jillian Harris recommended this item as one of her favorites on her blog. I love her style! So for $17.90 though it's not something I would typically buy I went for it! Wore it yesterday on a hot summer day and got lots of compliments. I do enjoy wearing hats. :) = easy and no fuss hair. Simple, easy style.

Here's a list of some of my other favorites, with links to product.

Zella workout gear and socks, Nike tennis shoes, Rag & Bone green skinny jeans, Supergoop lotion, Vince sweater...

I love the recommendations from Owens & Davis, Jones Design Company and Jillian Harris' Blog, all great finds! 

You are lovely, and don't need new clothes to be beautiful. It's all about the heart. 





Christmas in July! Lindsay Letters

Lindsay Letters has long been one of my favorite artists, she does inspiring hand-lettering and I especially love her Whatever Is Lovely artwork and her Christmas pieces! 

For the month of July she is offering Christmas in July specials for some of her Christmas art!

Check them out with the links below and tell her I sent you! Of course have to include the Whatever Is Lovely artwork as well at the bottom of these Christmas images. :)

It's too bad that I started a no-spend month today! Trying out a company called Yerdle basically joining together with other people to not buy anything new for 30 days. You post pictures of things to "give" and then other people can buy it and then you receive a few bucks, buyer pays shipping.. I've made $330 so far today and yesterday, $5 at a time.. I like knowing that the items are going to people who want/need them. I did realize though after spending four hours yesterday packing items to ship, time is valuable too! Anyway, good to clear out! Just wishing my no spend month didn't fall right on Lindsay Letters Christmas in July sale! :) You know I would have a full cart of her gorgeous art! Love it.  Maybe someone wants to buy me some for Christmas? Hint, hint. I do love her art. Always have.

Merry Christmas early and Happy July 4th weekend approaching!


This makes me happy.

Spending time with good friends is medicine to the heart. Nurturing to the soul. We love you Brekers! And yes, I had to choose the picture with two out of three two-year olds crying. It was a long, fun day of play!

You guys are so blessed! And you are a blessing to us!! You can find Lindsey over at Adventures of Joyful Living , Lindsey you are such a beautiful mom and mother. I am blessed to know you!



Snowy Days in Minnesota

Who doesn't love a great day in the snow. The snowy days are even more fun after being away for 4 months in the tropics of the Pacific Northwest. :)

We had a great morning making some art! I have been working on selling things here in Minnesota, furniture, random things - clearing out the closets! All at the same time, having fun with my boys and my girl, doing some art projects with the blank canvases that were in storage. It's always good to use the things that sat in storage way too long! Now that we are moving from this home why not, right? :)

I do love this home. I love my neighbors. I can breathe in this space, it is so peaceful, so relaxing. I see my boys thrive here, they play outside, they play in the snow, we watch the squirrels and the birds in the 100 year old oak trees out back. There is something so beautiful and simple about the life we live in this home. Family, church, sunny days at the baseball parks, play. I loved every minute of building this home, planning it, love my neighbors, love my family here, love the beautiful state of Minnesota that has been my home the past fifteen years! This home is a beautiful haven of a home that I absolutely love! Sometimes people assume when there is a YES to something, that it means no to everything else. IT'S JUST NOT THE CASE. I love Minnesota, love this home. Always have always will. I don't know the plans, but God does! What a sweet time we are having here after four months away, just hanging as a family while daddy goes to work. Watching Christmas movies, playing in the snow, doing art projects, selling what is left here. It's all good!

So much fun watching Andrew be art director today, he had a vision for these two canvases and his younger siblings implemented it. They were delighted to take part. "Favorite, favorite" Annabel kept saying, she loved making art with her brothers.

Merry Christmas everyone.

You are loved.