Target Fall Finds

With a new move to the Pacific Northwest and Fall just around the corner, me and my two youngest headed to Target today so I could wander through the aisles and feel like I was right back home in MN. :) Land of Target's on every corner, just like Starbucks is on every corner here in WA.

Here's what I came away with! 


Leisure Dress.

Plaid Button-Down.

Yellow Cardigan.

Jean Dress.

Gray Detail Sweatshirt.

Comfy Wrap Jacket.

The difference between shopping online and in store is now looking online I see that half the items I bought were from the Juniors department. (Oops.) In store I didn't really notice and just tried on and bought what worked. My goal was to find a few classic pieces for fall, and in general I am sticking to neutrals in my wardrobe to simplify. Probably going to end up returning the yellow sweater and plaid button-down. Color is good but I don't know, I've been working on keeping everything neutral so I don't need to own much but still have cute clothes that go together. I was inspired by fall and thought a pop of color would be fun at the apple orchards, pumpkin patch, WA state fair... think I'll stick to pops of color for accessories.

Download the Target Cartwheel app and get 20% off right now sweaters in store.

So far my favorite is the raincoat! I am wearing it now and love it. It's so much better in person than even online.

Happy shopping.



Piano Nook

So after building a home and closing just last October, we up and moved to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend. 

The other day the piano came and at first everything was looking very much the same. I liked how the piano fit into the nook! When played the sound resonates throughout the house! Love that.

Here is after a few simple things we already owned thrown into the mix. Zig zag from Pottery Barn, lamp from Pottery Barn, Ikea sheepskin, frame from Pottery Barn. Vase w/ hydrangeas.

In the spirit of just finishing things and taking zero time to do it, I like it! It's fun to have a piano around.


Have a great evening!


Moving In

In all my years of moving from state to state, apartment to apartment, townhouse to home and all the various places and spaces we have lived I have learned a few things.  Combine this with a few years as a realtor, a property manager and a love for homes and design and its gotten me thinking.

I used to be paralyzed in decorating my home. I could have a few items to hang but hang nothing, mainly because I wanted it to be perfect and needed confirmation from someone else on what worked and what didn't before I officially hung things up. This is still probably goos advice if you are bad at hanging things (like me- always crooked!) but I have learned something over the years and I have seen a transformation in how I am designing these new spaces.

1. All I really want is a finished space. I no longer crave perfect (been there, done that), now I crave a finished space because to me that means freedom. Freedom to live, freedom to breathe. Not spending my days thinking about, buying, returning, trying to figure out.. Nope, just place items, and call it done. Done?! Yes, done. Revisions can always happen later. For now, getting the boxes in and unloaded and just setting up is priority.

2. Don't think so hard about it. Its your home. If you like it, hang it. Again, revisions can happen later  and they will be more joyful and heartfelt later when time and budget is planned out.

3. Building a peaceful, simple, safe haven of a home takes work! Work to keep clutter at bay, work to build systems that allow time to be spent on what matters most. Enjoy it. Savor the moments. Learn from your mistakes.  Try taking the TV out of the living room awhile and see how you live. Maybe you will hear kids asking for stories, or a family walk. Maybe it will be board games and laughter! You don't know until you have tried it. You may enjoy the quiet peaceful space so much that you get rid of the tv all together! Or maybe you miss it, miss the wii, miss your favorite hgtv shows and movie nights and decide to center the whole room around the tv. Fine! Either way. But be intentional. Know what your goal for the space is. Friends, relationships, conversation, laughter, hope, peace, love. I always want my home to be a welcoming  safe haven for all who enter. In order to do this I think simplicity is important. Maximizing spaces is important.  

4. Lose the "stuff". Do you really want to be a stuff manager your whole life? Yes we are to be good stewards and use our resources well and share and give out of love and sacrifice. But really don't you want your days to be filled with more than stuff? If moving in is so overwhelming to you because of all the boxes and "stuff" you have to go through, why not just get rid of it. I mean this really. Like just load a truck, or call someone up and say this is my fabulous stuff, there is probably stuff worth some good money. I hope it is, for your sake! Enjoy it! Be blessed by this however this means to you! Sell it, keep it, love it, hang it. Its been great for me, my favorite in fact, and now I hope to is great for you! #stuff 

5. Breathe. Enjoy. Love. Savor the process. Like to like imperfections, its quite freeing!

Below is a picture of a desk just set up at the new place. Chair, flowers, computer, phone and lamp. A finished space! Feels so good! Can always come back later and play amd have fun and be creative, for now just done! And done is good! There is a freedom in done.






Road Tripping It

The drive through North Dakota always makes me lift my eyes to the heavens... I lift my eyes to the heavens, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord maker of heaven and earth. Yes and yes. The clouds and sky are just so beautiful, with the sunset setting and light shining upon the haystacks and fields for miles.

It was pure joy listening to Andrew singing loudly to Kari Jobe's cd Majestic over and over. "When you walk in the room, when you walk in the room, when you walk in the room, there's nothing like it nothing like it." Those lyrics specifically he was belting. Beauty.

Asher is so sweet sitting by his not-so-baby sister who I still like to call baby. There car seats are once again right next to each other and it seems he picked up right where they left off. Holding her hand while we drive in the car, like they did when she was brand new and he was first home. So precious. My heart can hardly stand it. Oh what a sweet heart he has. 

Annabel is taking to talking some more. Mama, dada, mama, dada. And she likes to say "Mia Reese Mia Reese" over and over. She is sweet with her brother Asher, babbling away to him during the long drives and making her sounds when she is thirsty or needs her nuk or blankie or is hungry. I can always tell what she means! The sentences are coming little by little I am hearing her start to put a few words together. Sweetness.