Florida: What's Not to Love

Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island in Florida.

What is not to love?

What a beautiful day we had here in Florida in January! Never mind that there has been torrential downpour the past three days, this one glorious sunny and warm day made the flight from Seattle to MSP and MSP to Orlando and drive to Ft. Myers all worth it!

Happy January, I hope these beach images warm you up on a cold winter's day if you're staring outside into the snowy landscape, or into a cold wet downpour of rain. Wherever you find yourself, blessings upon your evening and enjoy it right where you're at!

Good night lovelies,


Home Alone Marathons

Who doesn't love a good Home Alone Marathon day?

Home Alone I, II, III, & IV, Check!

Andrew has been walking around with that airplane pillow around his neck all day... Hilarious. To Kindergarten pick up and back. 

Christmas vacation just around the corner! After December 18 I'm not allowing myself to re-arrange anything, run to and fro or any of that... just outings as a family, Christmas fun, Board Games, Movies, Family Walks and whatever else we can discover to do as a family (FOR FREE) here in the Pacific Northwest.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Tiarra Sorte Photography

In love with these pictures.

In love with my family.

Thank you, Tiarra, for spending your evening with us. And for giving me the gift of a make up artist to come to my home. We all know I needed the help! And a shout out to Jessica who colored my hair morning of. :) It takes a village people. Ha.

I love you Alex, Andrew, Asher & Annabel. 

You bless me more than you know.



Where's Waldo and Small Town Living :)

Good Afternoon, Lovelies!

What a beautiful day in the city of Edmonds, WA! Glory to God! Magnificent beauty all around. I've traveled and lived a  lot of places and I'm just really not sure it gets any more beautiful on earth this side of heaven! Glorious.

The kids and I have been enjoying summer days. Me, mostly organizing and getting settled in.. another post on that coming soon.. in the meantime, lots of outdoor time playing baseball, running through the sprinkler/spraying with the hose, picnics on our front porch, time at the beach, enjoying community and time with our new church here.

Life is so good! Treasuring these friendships, and in some ways reflecting on where we have been the past twelve years and where we are headed in the future. Also PLANTING seems to be on my heart! 

Our cute small-town living city had a Where's Waldo hunt, 48 shops in the community had a little sign in their window for Waldo and then today we got to go to a party for getting a stamp from at least 24 of the 48 participating shops. To get a stamp the kids had to go on a scavenger hunt to find Waldo in each store. My kids loved this! It was a great way to get the adults into shops they might not have otherwise been in before, and just a great way to build community in my opinion. Today we got to go have some cake, meet Mrs. Waldo ( I never found Mr. Waldo?) :) , beanbag toss, count the candies in the jar and participate in a raffle. My ticket won, so I let our oldest pick something. He chose a Seahawks poster and a $5 coffee card so I am a happy girl!


Happy summer, lovelies! Enjoy this beautiful glorious day!

In Him,


Summer Sprinkler Fun!

What's more fun that hanging outside all day running in the sprinkler, blue angels flying in the background, boats speeding by, views of the water and mountains.. laughter filling the air. Be still my soul. I am ever so thankful.