Tiny Coat Closet Turned Mudroom Nook

Coat Closet Turned Mudroom Nook
Before & After

We had a tiny little coat closet by our garage door in the midst of a tiny little hallway. 
Here's what it looked life BEFORE.
Every time we opened the closet doors the hallway size was cut in half.
All of the coats, shoes and everything were always in shambles. 
Guests would come over and frequently enter through the garage.
They usually would take their shoes on and off by sitting on the stairs.

I saw this picture about a year back and used it as my inspiration to take the closet out.

My husband came home from work and the closet doors were off, the shelf was out and the holes were patched! LOL.

He of course smiled as always.
Never knowing what I'll be up to next and not really understanding the vision but allowing me to be creative. I always appreciate this about my husband. :) 

I attempted putting up beadboard wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall, painted it to match the trim, added chair rail. Hung the picture frame, bought a light from Pottery Barn, added a bench with a cushion from etsy and fabric from fabric.com with the help of my new friend Holly of Holly Mathis Interiors who helped me pick the fabric and light.
I love this little mudroom nook with a sailboat picture taken in Sydney (2003), Andrew in his ringbearer tux, a picture from my favorite farm here in the area, a pic of daddy and son and Psalm 89:1 reading, "I will sing of the LORD's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations." 




News around here is that we have been approved by America World to continue the process of adoption! With that said, Rwanda, like stated in an earlier blog post is not currently accepting applications for adoption. So we've decided to proceed further and do our home study through America World and then do an independent adoption, working with an attorney in Uganda to try to adopt two boys ages 0-2 from Uganda.

We are excited for what the future holds, and also know that it is a wait, at least 12-17 mos. and we are used to waiting but I am starting to get a little excited... I'm trying to guard my heart still. But also look forward to what the LORD has in store for our family in the future.

Andrew is warming up to the idea of having brothers. At first he didn't get it. I still haven't said too much to him. He does like the idea that he would have some siblings to play baseball with him more. :)

Today Andrew and I had so much fun, we had a "Bible date." He knew about it yesterday and this morning I was woken up by him holding his Bible, telling me he was ready for his Bible date. I love it! God is good! And He totally put that desire in his heart. It is beautiful to see some moments like this as a mom. There was a catch - he got to have candy and popcorn too! So after cereal, we had jelly beans and read the ENTIRE story Bible. Crazy, I know, but SO fun! He paid attention for most of it, just missed a few chapters in our third hour of reading - while he colored. But I still continued reading and I think he was still listening! :) God works and is at work!

PINTEREST: LETS TALK PINTEREST, FRIENDS. Have you heard of it? Do you use it? The nesting instinct is kicking in already! I had a blast today "pinning" all kinds of gorgeous pictures from the internet of bunk bed rooms, mantle decoration ideas (for Christmas!) (What?!) and so much more. I really do enjoy making my house feel like a home. It doesn't matter the size, it doesn't matter the budget. We lived in a tiny 370 sq. ft. studio loft with Andrew after he was born, until he was 6 mos. old. I STILL found myself wanting to rearrange, make the space homey, etc. There is only so much you can do in a small space and you certainly don't have extra room to store random decor items. I've come to the conclusion though, that it's a motherly instinct. I just love to make my house feel like a peaceful, relaxing, fun, loving environment that they and other people can come to and feel welcome. Are you the same way?

Here are just a few of the images I pinned today... since our office room might one day be a bedroom with two beds in it (Lord willing), I was considering all of the potential options for our current coat closet downstairs. What do you think? Should I change our coat closet to an office desk nook? A built in library? A sitting/reading area? A curtained coat closet? There are some adorable ways to fix up a little closet nook these days! Here are just a few. Enjoy!

Mighty to Save Artwork

 My Christmas present came today! 
You get first peek before it gets wrapped and put under the tree. 
It is custom artwork made by Anisa over at the Milk and Honey Home Blog.

It looks nice in this picture, but it looks even better in person. 
Came with an old wood frame, paint on canvas. 
This verse is one of my favorite verses in the Bible and of course makes me think of the song, "Mighty to Save" which ranks number 1 as the most frequently played song in our home.

Thanks Anisa! You do great work!


Decorating for Christmas

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." -Matthew 18:20

Even while we decorate for Christmas, if we are gathered to celebrate, decorate and hang out in His name, he is there with us! Happy Decorating!

"Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel" (which means, God with us). - Matthew 1:23

Note: No matter where I put the above verse, no matter how many times I edit it and try to figure it out, it stays in all caps lock and in this format! I was going to take it away but then thought maybe it is just meant to be... don't know what's going on with the formatting.



We finished a bathroom and I love how it turned out. It makes me smile when I go into it, mostly because of the family picture on the wall, the letters "BATH" that Andrew spells every time we go in and the bicycle art on the wall that was purchased to support a friends taking a mission trip to South Africa. Another reason I love it is because it is complete. :)

Today I get to dream about the possibilities for this bathroom (below). A little bit will go a long way in here. Some towels and some artwork, family pics and/or letters on the wall should be good.

I've seen so many fun inspiration pics for powder baths. One of my favorite ones has stripes on the wall, I thought I would do this but turns out I really wasn't up for measuring and taping out all the stripes... so it got painted Grant Beige to match the rest of the downstairs. It is a very peaceful grey/brown in person. Should work well as a backdrop to whatever could happen in here... thinking one of those bible verse artworks would work well in here.

I welcome any comments regarding this bathroom and suggestions! I'd love to hear from those of you who have never commented before too! :) 


Bible Verse Art on Etsy

This has been a really fun post to make.
So much fun.
It's late and I've been cruising the internet over at etsy.com checking out artwork. 

There are some great artists selling their stuff on etsy.

I have been wanting to find a way to stick a bible verse or bible verse art in every room of our house and tonight I am even more inspired. I cannot wait to get started completing rooms with bible verses.

These pieces are unique and beautiful and I love that if you buy one you get to support the artist directly.

These took me a couple hours to navigate and find!
 Let me know if you buy one.
 It would be fun to know that my hardwork paid off for you. 
Truth is I'm tempted to buy a few of these before they get snatched up by you. :)

Etsy Seller: RedLetterWords. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: pinkbirdieboutique. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: lesleydenford. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: loridunfee. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: WadeMade. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: hopeink. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: PureInnovation. Find it HERE
This seller just became my new fave on etsy. She has the most adorable picture frames for sale if you check out her other stuff. And her website HERE... Did you click on the link? So arty and fun.

Etsy Seller: hollipeterson. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: aubreylb. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: hopeink. Find it HERE.

Etsy Seller: lesleydenford. Find it HERE.


Putting In Laminate Wood Floors

We live in a townhome that had carpet in the main living room and dining room.
It seemed like a good investment to put in some laminate wood floors.
It was a fun project to do with my husband.
We hauled out the old carpet ourselves, and spent many hours studying how to install floors.
We have been really happy with the results and these floors have held up great with our dog.

We spent $800 total for over 300 sq. ft. of flooring and sub-floor, rental & purchase of equipment, garbage fee for old carpet, rental of table saw at Home Depot, borrowed mitre saw, sams club natural cherry flooring, re-using baseboards & purchase of quarter round.


Painting a Door with Chalkboard Paint

We have a door that leads to the garage that has always sort of bothered me.
Mostly because it is a focal point as you're sitting in the living room.
And lets face it, it's not that exciting as a plain white door.

So we're painting it with chalkboard paint!

Here's the BEFORE picture:

2 coats of Chalkboard Paint from Home Depot.


Like seeing this Bible verse as I head out the door.


Dreamy White Kitchens

Love white kitchens? Here are some inspiration pictures, just for you! When I am decorating I find it easiest to look at pictures that are already done well and try to copy the colors and textures that are in the space. I am loving white kitchens. If I were to buy an old fixer-upper house I would want to paint the kitchen cupboards white, put in hardwood floors, put silver/chrome hardware on the cabinets and try to copy some ideas from these pictures below. The first and third pictures are my favorite. So simple, clean and well-organized.

Credits under pictures, my apologies that not all of the pictures have credits. If you know where they were found please don't be afraid to let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

 Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson
 Coastal Living
Elle Decor

Garage Organization

Stuff we are loving for the garage:

This Tennis Racket & Ball Holder from the Container Store.

Golf Club Wall Storage.

This Gardening Tool Organizer.

Ladder & Wheelbarrel Hook.

Put these up the other day in ours. My favorite though isn't pictured on the Container Store website. Called the Claw. They are claws that mount on the wall and hold one basketball, soccerball, football, etc. It actually is very convenient to take out a ball and use, much better than attempting to dig to the bottom of a basket or bin to reach the one you want. Makes me want to shoot some hoops.


The Rug Doctor

Awhile back we used The Rug Doctor to clean our carpets. For the record, it works. Peek-a-boo was the game of the moment to keep the munchkin off the carpet...


Chair Makeover

Check out this chair that I found at Goodwill for $14.00. Not exactly my taste at the moment but I'm looking forward to giving it a makeover, thanks to one of my favorite inspiration do-it-yourself blogs, Life in the Fun Lane. (Please excuse the masses of cords in the corner...that is a project for another day. )

This is my inspiration photo, taken from Life in the Fun Lane. I'm thinking about lightly sanding, priming and painting the chair later today. Wondering whether I should hire an upholsterer or attempt to change the upholstery myself. Life is good when you're on stay-cation.


Free Art

This site has free downloadable art contributed by the artists themselves, http://indiefixx.com/Feed_your_soul/downloads.html

There are quite a few available. These are my favorites. Thank you to Mandy Sutcliffe, Mara Girling, Angela Vandenbogaard and Stephanie Fizer for offering these beautiful pieces of art for free. Note that you will need to go to the link posted above to download.


Camera I.D. Tags

Going along with my last post on photography I found this adorable camera tag that is FREE to print. Check out:  http://vol25.typepad.com/camera%20id%20tags.pdf  for your FREE tag!!!!  

You can also view her art website at http://vol25.typepad.com. She makes some amazing photoshop overlays (for example angel wings to paste over newborn baby pics) and sells some really cute art on etsy.com. 

Thank you vol25 for sharing your adorable art with us here at Whatever Is Lovely! :) 

Happy Camera Tag Making! I will be printing out a couple of these and using clear luggage tags to attach to the camera bag. (So fun! And makes a great gift I think).