November Is National Adoption Month

Good Afternoon Lovelies!
November is National Adoption Month
Lets celebrate adoption!!
Something that has become close to my heart.

It has been a privilege to follow many adoptive parent's journeys through facebook, blogs and email lists as they start the process of adoption and finally make the journey to picking up their children and bringing them home.

One mom's journey that I have followed is Lara of The Farmer's Wife Tells All.
Lara just returned home after picking up her son from Ug@nda.
I love this picture.
Speaks to my heart! 

Lara wrote on her facebook wall this week something that touched my heart and I know it will touch yours too. She says this,

"Let me tell you, adoption is like seeing a miracle unfold before you. Six weeks ago I met a little boy who couldn't even make eye contact and was so terrified to leave his orphanage that he would go into long uncontrollable fits. Tonight that same boy sat in the rocking chair with me for half an hour snuggling and giving kisses and saying, "I love you, Mommy." God's heart is for orphans to become sons."