Bunks Beds Came! ... Adoption

We ordered bunks back in September and they came today!
I kept telling Alex, my husband, how glad I was that I ordered these so long ago because there kept being issues and delays in shipment. 
They are here now!

These bunk beds are significant not because they are a great furniture item.
These bunk beds were more. So much conversation has been around the PURPOSE of the bunk beds. Being thankful for the children that will one day sleep in them.
Waiting with expectation, whenever that day may be.
And thankful for our boy, Andrew, who is such a joy to be around.

What love this mommy has in her heart for her boys.

Thank you, Andrew, for being a great big brother already.
And boy(s), we can't wait to meet you.
We don't know your names yet or if there will be one of you or two, but we know that the LORD knows!
You are special.
You are already in our hearts, our minds, our prayers and our thoughts daily.
You are already a part of this family.
Can't wait to see the beautiful country you were born in, hold your precious hand and welcome you with loving arms.

P.S. I had a much longer post and deleted. Does anyone else ever do this? Sometimes it's so hard for me to share my heart in blog form.