There are so many unknowns in life.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately as people have been asking where we are in the adoption process.
Some people are very surprised when they hear how you really don't know when you will receive a referral, or how long you will be staying in country, or that you don't really ever know if you will in fact have another son or daughter until the day comes. And sometimes even then it is not "official" in the eyes of the law until even months after being home.
But I've been thinking about unknowns and I have so much peace.
Peace because GOD KNOWS.
I don't need to know.
The story I go back to time and time again is the story of Abraham and Sarah. 
Abraham was told that he would be the Father to the Nations and then he waits. And he waits. And he waits. And then he waits some more. And then wondering how on earth this is going to happen they try to make arrangements for themselves. And then that still was not God's plan. God blessed that plan but did fulfill his promise with their son Isaac who was born in Sarah's old age.
This is a story that I remind myself often throughout the day, almost even without thinking about it.
I love this story. 
I'm sure they were trusting, waiting, trusting and trusting some more.
 Sarah was just SO old that to bear a child just seemed absolutely ridiculous. 
I mean, she did LAUGH after all when she heard the news.
I love the idea of Alex being a Father to the Nations. 
I have to admit it.
It brings me so much joy.
And I went to a conference and a prayer was spoken and she spoke on how there are women in this room who will be the MOTHERS to the Nations. And my heart skipped a beat and my eyes welled up with tears. And I said, "really God! really! could that be me? Lord where you lead I will follow. I long to do your will all the days of my life. I long to be obedient. Lord give me eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to obey. Obey the calling you have on my life."
Thank you Lord, for sweet pictures.
No answers.
Just waiting.
that God knows.
He knows friends.

So tonight as I am preparing to go to sleep there is so much joy in my heart. Joy because I know that when I pray and when I ask God to tuck my sweet little guy into bed, I know that He is doing just that.
I know that as I ask the Lord to watch over my child that he is! Who better to tuck a child in at night than the Lord God Almighty. Beautiful. So much beauty in not knowing. So much beauty in it being out of my hands. Knowing that my job is trust the Creator. Knowing that when I pray He already knows what needs praying for. The Lord will fight for you and you need only to be still!!!! Exodus 14:14

Dear Moms and Dads adopting, as we wait lets trust our God and Creator. Lets put our hands in the palm of His hands and allow him to lead us and guide us to our children. Lets fast for our little ones, knowing that the Lord fights for us and all we need to do is be still. We don't have to have the answers. We don't have to know even what the next day brings or the right answer to put on a questionnaire. We don't even need the perfect application. What we need is to find our refuge in the Living Saviour. To rest in His arms. To hand him our troubles, our worries, our problems. To share with Him the joy in our hearts. To dance for joy with each step along the way. To celebrate what he has done and what he is doing. Lord we give you our hearts today. We give you our lives. Amen.