Summer Fun

Our family had a great summer and enjoyed time with each other now that Alex is no long a resident.
He started his first job July 1st and very much enjoys what he's doing, his co-workers and the workplace.
We had a great summer!

Andrew pointing to Uganda on the globe, excited to meet his brothers.

Golfing Summer 2011

Cat in the Hat - Classic!

My men out golfing.

Andrew hanging with his Great Papa Norm and his wife Donna.

Pool Time!

Free Entertainment at the Toy Store

Boat Rides. Summer 2011

Family Bike Rides

My Two Men

Higher Ground 2011

Resting after a LONG day of playing with the cousins!

It is so nice to have spent such great time together as a family and now to be looking forward to fall and the coming year with anticipation as we prepare for the newest additions to our family! :)