Great Financial Education for Kids

Financial Peace Jr. caught my eye as we were purchasing Andrew's Halloween costume for this year at the Christian Book Store. He wants to be a Brave Warrior for Halloween and has been telling me this for months. He ended up with the "Armor of God" attire from the Christian book store but more on this later.

We decided to try out Financial Peace Jr. and begin to teach good financial lessons early. Andrew and I tried it out today! We went to the bank and cashed in all his coins from his coin bank. Next we came home and counted up his dollar bills and sorted them into the Give. Save. and Spend. envelopes. He got to punch in the numbers on the calculator for 10% Give. 10% Save and the rest Spend. Although he wanted to do 20% Save so more power to him. He some how managed to cash in the big bucks today. His life savings totaling $48.00! Whoa. All of our loose change we let him take from around the house sure does add up. 

He was very excited to have cash in his hands after going to the bank.

He did not fully understand the concept that those dollar bills would be able to buy him anything until we completely the "Save for Cash" chart and he mentioned wanting to save for some m & m's. Then all of the sudden the excitement was in his voice and he was ready to save up.

I was slightly surprised at all the extra things he decided to continue to write down to save for. Only because he has not mentioned these to me ever before. I guess that's a good thing- he is content with what he owns and doesn't ask his mommy for extra toys usually. To tell you the truth so far he thinks a toy box with toy in it is only to hold while you're in the cart at Target and then put back before you leave. I just don't buy him many toys. He has plenty that the grandparents and friends have given him for Christmas and Bday. We love BOOKS at our house! :) That and cars.

My favorite part of the day is just recognizing my son's heart to give. We made a designated bin downstairs, solely for "give" pile. The idea is that we recognize how awesome it is to give to other kids who don't have any toys. He has been all about this and enjoys putting things in the giveaway bin. I love to see this heart to give.

I bought Financial Peace Jr. at Lifeway Christian Stores but you can also find it on amazon HERE.
I don't get paid to promote these things.
I just really enjoy sharing the good tools with you.