Giving: The Gift Card

Tonight I was thinking about giving.
And I was thinking about obeying the Lord.

One time I bought a $100 Starbucks gift card and asked the barista to use it to pay for the drinks of the people in line behind me. My friend and I were at a conference and there was a line out the door for coffee.

This $100 bill was all I had but the Lord told me to do this, and it was great fun!

The worker was excited to be able to take part in this fun adventure of giving.
It was a blessing to see her face light up.
So much joy in my heart all day at being God's secret missionary, sharing his love with his guidance.

That night after the most amazing message I had ever heard given by a speaker I had never heard the name of before that night, there was an offering taken.
And I was so torn because I love to give but I didn't have anything to give.
Torn because I was telling myself I didn't have anything to give but then asking myself do I really have nothing to give?
Do you know the moments I'm talking about?
When you're asking yourself the same question?
And then you talk to God and say, "God, you see me. You know me. Let me be faithful always."
And then you just don't know what to do.
I questioned my own heart going back and forth between do I write a check knowing that it will bounce when the bills get paid, or do I let the cup pass by.
I struggled after this moment because I let the cup pass by.

Tonight I felt like God gave me a little inside picture into that day.
My job was to act in obedience.
The Lord gave me the idea for sharing the $100 and free coffee that morning.
And what if that prepared people's hearts to give so generously that evening?
Perhaps God used that $100 and MULTIPLIED it! :)

That offering we were later told, was the most generous offering that this man had ever received. And it was not a planned offering or an expected offering.
It was a surprise offering, taken to bless this man who has spent his life as a missionary teaching and sharing the gospel around the world.
iPads, iPods, watches, jewelry, cash and money were all thrown into the offering buckets.

Thank you God for this sweet picture tonight on giving and how we just never really know what work you're up to when you speak to us to do something. But thank you Lord that when we act in obedience, abundance follows more than we will ever know.

I pray that I might always be obedient to that still small voice.