Nursery Set-Up

Call me crazy but I set up the nursery.
It might be a year, it might be two years or it might be two months until this space houses a child.
I'm ok with that! 
Feels good to be ready.
Eagerly anticipating the arrival of our future child(ren), Lord willing, whenever that may be.
The fact that I set up the nursery is not the kind of thing I tell people necessarily.
Although I'm sharing it here on the blog I have mostly only told a select few people who can share the joy with me in waiting and preparation.

This used to be the music room in our home.
We had a desk in here with computer and the couch, rug, light, drapes.
Basically just added a crib.
This crib can also be a toddler bed so as far as beds go I feel like it's a good option for 0-3 referral.

Andrew is almost 4 now (hard to believe he starts preschool on Monday) and he has been sleeping in his brother's room every night on a twin mattress I put on the floor.

Is anyone else changing things around in their home all the time?
I keep doing this, trying to figure things out.
I like things organized but it takes some planning to turn a three bedroom home into a spot with master, Andrew's room, future kids room, guest room, and office....
working on figuring out space planning!
It's a 1700 sq. ft. townhome which is quite a lot of space in my opinion, just need to figure out how to make little nooks and built-ins and use every sq. inch possible.

Do you have any ideas for me on what to add to this space?

Would love to hear them!
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