My Thoughts Tonight

Tonight we mailed off the packet to the Babies Home that we have felt very called and led to. 
We have felt so much peace through all of the correspondence with this Home and we know that the ministry that they are doing there is truly amazing.
It has been so evident in the paperwork and in the emails sent back and forth that these children are loved and well cared for.
What a blessing that Home is.
A Haven.

The forms are sent.
It is so easy to see God's hand every step of the way and also to note the roadblocks being so evident.
Notaries that won't sign documents unless other documents are added.
Trip to another place for a notary.
Trip home to print something.
Trip back to place of notary but running out of gas on the way, delaying the process.
And trip back to Fed Ex to mail.
The important thing today was it got done.
It got put in the mail.
That is what the Lord wanted today.
He wanted that packet in the mail.
And we fought the battle and won.

This was a special day.
So beautiful to know that the Lord has a plan and that he works all things together for the good of those who love him. He wants to give me the desires of my heart. For He is a creator. A Giving, Loving, Generous God. Oh how I love him. 
The Lord has been there with me through so much pain in losing children.
He has been there with me through a horrible car accident.
He has been there for me when I got mono beginning of sophomore year and had to drop all of my classes in college but one art course.
He was there when I dropped three of four courses second semester after the car crash.
He was there, leading me, guiding me, loving me, holding me.
And he's with me now. Leading. Guiding. Loving. Holding.
He wants what is best for us.
And He wants his children in families.
God designed his children to be in families.

So we mailed off the package today, knowing that we have a peace about this Babies Home also knowing that it's possible we won't be matched or that it will be three days, a year or two years. We don't know. But HE does. And I am expectant.

Thank you Lord that you lead us.
You guide us.
You love us.
You care for us.
You long for us.
Your ways are far better than my ways.
Praying tonight Lord that you would continue to lead us through this process, that you would be a step ahead of us, leading us to our child.
Lord you know the plan.
And you have a plan.
And we are walking in the plan so far. And I can see you all around. And I thank you for that.