Every Bitter Thing is Sweet Blog

It's been years since I've been as sick as I am at the moment. 
Runny nose, stuff nose, pain all in my face, neck, forehead. Sinuses.
So tired and yet not able to sleep.
But you know what,
I'm finding that in this time of sickness yesterday and today I can stop and pause for a moment. 
Lay in bed, lay on the couch.
Be still in the Lord's presence. 
Pray for my future child(ren).
Enjoy blogs and adoption stories.
Read up, educate myself on so many different things.
Rest. Put my feet up.
Something I don't often do.

This is blog, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet is one that I have been visiting frequently.
They just returned from adopting in Ug@nda.
This video is celebrating their adoption.
It blesses me so much during this time of waiting.