Cut Up the Credit Cards

Took a huge leap of faith tonight and cut up the credit cards. 
This was something I have considered for awhile now.
I kept wondering if maybe I should save some for adopting.
Then I realized something tonight. 
After I decided to cut them up I was really attached.
I was laughing at myself at how much I apparently loved my GAP card.
Give me a break!
It's just a card!
And I was telling myself how the rewards are so great and I get free shipping and coupons in the mail just for using my GAP card.

Here's what occurred to me after putting the scissors in my hand.
I knew my trust was in God, trusting Him for funds for adoption.
But in that moment, I really realized my trust was actually in my credit cards.
I was trusting that if I needed to charge a crazy amount of adoption expenses I could.
So then I realized how much my trust was actually in my credit cards and NOT God.
And happy at the same time.
Happy to take this step of obedience.
I really feel like I was supposed to do this today.
And so I did.
That is my prayer for you as well today, that if He asks you to do something.
If you hear a still, small voice asking you to do something that you will listen and trust and obey.
That is my prayer for my own life as well.
God, I pray I might hear your voice and be obedient always in what you ask of me to do. Thank you Lord that we can trust in you for our finances and not in what the world wants us to trust in. God, I know you will provide and I also know that I need to be a better steward of every penny. I should be saving as much as possible for adoption so that when the day comes I am prepared. Ready when you say IT'S TIME!

Sad how much I am questioning the GAP card decision while looking at this picture.
I KNOW that I was supposed to do this tonight.
And so it's DONE!
Amen to that!
No turning back.

Have any of you lovelies done the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace series?
I'd love to hear about it!