Fall Planters

After a wonderful week of vacationing with family at a lake, my mom and I headed over to Gertens Flower Shop today. WOW! Have you been there before? There is a whole world of plants out there that I had no idea about and still really don't know anything about, other than they are beautiful! Such amazing choices when you go to a landscape shop.

Here are some ideas for fall planters in case you're thinking of it.


I like the simplicity of this one.

The purples with bright pink for fall are my favorite for sure.

A little too much greens for my tastes. Nice though.

Cute little yellow flowers.

Here's my mom, also taking pictures of the flowers! Lol. When you can't buy em' just take pictures! :)

Green & Red Combo

Tons to choose from!

Beautiful fall choices

This is my favorite in planters in the fall. Purple wheat with bright pink petunias. It said this was the "hot buy." Yes, it's so beautiful blowing in the fall wind come September and October.

Is this one your favorite so far?

Bought two of these beauties to go to the left and right of our front door.
Sure beats having stinging nettle weeds growing from your cracked planters.
Out with the old in with the beautiful fun fall planters.

What do you think?
Are you ready for fall yet? 
Or still longing for warm summer days?

I know I keep saying it but I'm going to try to blog more! :) 
Do you care if I blog about random stuff? 
Is anyone reading this anyway?
Maybe I should blog more about the adoption stuff?
Or everything?
Decorating? :) 
I appreciate design. :)

Hope you all have had an amazing day!