It is so encouraging to be around people who are sharing with us in this adoption journey.
What a fun week so far talking with relatives who have been praying for our sweet boy or boys.
Sometimes they think of who will one day be in our family, where they are now, if they are born yet, what their life is like right now.
I appreciate so much your prayers as we are on this journey towards our children.
I can't remember how much I've said about one boy or two but we don't have a referral yet.
We don't know when we'll be receiving the email or letter in the mail.
But some day it will happen, Lord willing, and we will be matched with our son or sons to join our family.
We did say one or two boys age 0-3.
Thank you to all friends, family, bloggers who are sharing the joys of this adoption with us.
Answers to prayer already! Andrew is preparing his heart, and lots of great words coming from the little guy's mouth! "Mom, can I have one of those beds with two beds and sleep on the top?" Me: "A bunk bed?" Andrew: "Yeah, a bunk bed so I can sleep on the top and my brothers on the bottom."
Praise the Lord.
So beautiful to see the Lord work through all situations.