Praying for Our Sweet Boys

God, tonight I pray that you would bless our sweet little boys' hearts. I pray that you would sing them a sweet sweet melody in their ears tonight as they go to sleep. I pray that they would hear you. That they would come to know you. That they would feel so much love, comfort and peace no matter their circumstances. God, I pray tonight for their caregivers that you would give them new strength and energy to bless on so many infants, toddlers and children today. God, supernatural strength to keep on going, to keep on serving and showing the love of Christ to those children. God, I pray for my heart that you might prepare me for what is to come. And please Lord, also that you would ready Andrew's heart for his two little brothers who will soon enough be home with us. God, thank you so much for that sweet melody that you are singing in their ears right now. Thank you that you are their comfort, shield, protector, redeemer.
And God, I also pray for their mother(s). Lord I don't know the situation, I don't know what their lives will have been like before they will come home. I don't know what the situation will be with their families and mothers. I mourn for the mothers Lord, and I pray for their hearts and their lives right now. Amen.