Adopted for Life

I love this book.

Lately the LORD has been confirming what I have been thinking for months. It's time to apply again for adoption! You may remember a post from awhile back, which stated that we had applied to adopt and had (sadly) been rejected. Too many student loans! Ugh. Well, we were able to pay off a portion of the student loans and we have felt the need to apply again and see if we can move forward from here. I just finished an application tonight, through America World Adoption (I just love them) to adopt from Rwanda. And I would also like to apply through Adoption Advocates International to adopt from Uganda and then see from there which agency to choose and move forward with.

Prayers have been answered as Alex and I discussed countries and moving forward.
Thank you for your prayers!
Saturday night singing and worshiping in church, all I could think about was adoption.
Sunday, same thing while worshiping.
I was at the Hillsong United concert last Monday and the only thing I could think about was adoption and Uganda.
Then the next day Uganda.
And the next day Uganda, and made some loans to some people in Uganda on Kiva (Had to do something, right?!)
So... now we sit and wait.

The country of Rwanda is currently NOT accepting dossier submissions, as they are implementing the Hague. So it's possible I applied to America World Adoption for no reason, but I have a hard time believing that because I have always had a heart for this agency. We had first applied with them long ago, back before I needed a doctor's letter regarding a car accident I was in and all this craziness that was never getting complete and then we got pregnant and lost the baby... then pregnant again and lost the baby.. and anyway, there was so much going on at that time and the people at America World were always so kind and thoughtful in their emails and responses... America World also does adoptions from China and I DID have a dream about adopting a baby girl from China awhile back.... so anyway, we will see where all this leads.

My life seems to be an open book these days. I used to hold it all in until everything was for sure, or guard my heart in case something went wrong.. I guess I'm over it. That's what the blog is for. I'll just tell it like it is and you can take it or leave it.
Today I applied to adopt from Rwanda. Two boys age 0-2 yrs. siblings, or not related. We will see what happens with this. I wouldn't be surprised if we need to wait longer and pay off the student loans first. Waiting seems to be the name of the game for us. We are used to it. And lately, I'm ok with it! But... I also remind myself that THE HEAVENLY FATHER WANTS HIS CHILDREN IN FAMILIES! So.. we press on, do our part by applying and see what happens from here.

We are also waiting on a number of email responses from various agencies, attorneys, social workers, etc. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, who gets back to us first, etc. Definitely a learning process.

I am so thankful for the many many blogs I was able to read today, about Uganda and adoption. This one in particular, had  a whole side bar full of other blogs from people adopting from Uganda. It has been tough to get information on how to adopt from this country! So I was glad to find it. I have also followed this blog for over a year. Abi responded to my email a long time back about how to adopt from Uganda and I have been so appreciative of her and her blog ever since. Not to mention she takes great photos! And THIS was a good post on how to apply to adopt from Uganda.

Nighty night lovelies!