Dress Clothes Delivered to Uganda!

Hi Lovelies! 

I'm pleased to inform you that the dress shirts, ties & shorts that some of you sent to a church in Colorado to be delivered in Uganda (so that all the kids could get dressed up for a wedding!) were delivered. 

It brings me so much joy to see the body of Christ coming together to make a difference. In this case, I can hear the joy radiating from the words on A Place Called Simplicity's blog as Linny's husband tells the story of how the clothes were passed out. What a fun moment! I'm so glad I sent something and so glad I included a picture of our family. What joy to think of a little boy in Uganda treasuring our family picture and reading the note on the back, a reminder that God loves him and so do we. Beautiful.

The following is an excerpt from the blog. You can check it out HERE too.

"I could tell when i called her things were going well.  They left the Guest House at 7:00 and went to the slums.  She was giggling as she answered.    She laughed as she told me the sights of kids everywhere.  She thinks about 250 showed up to be dressed in all the wonderful cloths that you all sent.

Some were on top of houses -  just so excited. 

Everyone was smiling laughing... this is a big deal... they never, and I mean never get to see anything like this.  But because Abby and David invest their lives in these kids, they felt what better way to celebrate their marriage than with the kids they love.

I think we tried to plan on 200 outfits.... so we might need a little, multiplication of fish and bread.... this time shirts and ties!

One little boy, I think she said a 2 year old,  showed up just in an old t-shirt with no bottoms.  That's not that unusual in the slums, but it gives you an idea of what everything looks like. 

So - use your imagination.   250 kids - many men and women looking on - watching 19 very white middle class ladies from America - dressing all these kids.   Wow, what a sight.  Beautiful and very funny at the same time. 

Linny's giggles spoke for the entire team.  I'm sure the entire team was in disbelief and totally fulfilled at the same time. 

Linny, was born for such a time as this.... so was Emma, and so were many of these women. 

What a beautiful picture of the bridal feast in heaven someday.  Come in your rags and enter dressed as royalty. 

Yes, the Royal wedding is about to happen.  Thank you for all who helped. Emma is trying very hard to have it broadcast so check our her blog at emonamission.blogspot.com"

Thank you to everyone who saw this post a few months ago and sent something, I know a few of you told me you did!!! Awesome!
LOVE this!!! Happy Sunday everyone!

I'm enjoying the beautiful weather here in the midwest. 75 degrees and sunny! I still see some sleds on the ground and surprisingly a small patch of snow next to a  home. Such a funny thing to see sleds and be walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Only in Minnesota!