The Bible Translated & Brought to Indonesia

The joy and thankfulness these people had for the written Word being brought to their language is absolutely overwhelming.
My favorite part is when the pastor says, "You singers, start singing. You dancers, start dancing. Just do your part."And then the plane lands and everyone is singing their praises, dancing their praises. Pure joy in Him. Love for Him. Thankfulness for Him. And then the prayer after they receive the Bibles, and they are thanking the Lord that the time has come to pass, in this day and age. That the Bible says the Word would come, and it has. And they are weeping. Oh Father, forgive me that I take for granted the many many ways that I can access your Word whenever I want and don't. God, thank you that I could watch this video that we live in the day and age where moments like this can be video taped and shared with the world. I love you Lord. Praise the Lord for these people, God bless them today and always. Amen.
I am speechless.
This video is about 10 minutes.
Watch it.