Staycation: Vacation at home to save money.
When we are taking one: Right now. Starting tonight.
How excited I am: SO excited. Yes!

Why not Disneyland?
I'm all about vacations. Really, I am. This time around we wanted to find ways to have fun while staying home. The way I saw it is if we had flown anywhere paid for both a flight and a hotel, I would have felt that we could not spend any money on eating or doing anything fun. So why not stay home and try to do a few things that we don't typically do, enjoying our time together as a family.

For the next week I'll be posting about some ways to have family fun without the expense.
Hope you enjoy taking a little journey with us.

Evening 1: Staycation
Movie Theatre! 
Our local theatre has a $5.00 any time, any movie special for Monday-Thursday movies. 
Andrew's first movie in the theatre (outside of the one he slept through at 4 weeks old).

We were hyping up the fun we were going to have inside the theatre. Andrew & Daddy are pumped. Can you tell?

Tickets please.

Which movie? Tangled! Have you seen it? I wasn't expecting much mostly because I haven't heard anything about it - but it was really good! I highly recommend this show, kids or no kids - it's worth seeing. :) Kids 3 and under were free in case you're wondering why there's only 2 tickets. :)

He was totally into it. Eyes glued to the screen the whole time. Quite fun to watch a child do something for the first time. Made my heart smile hearing him laugh out loud at the horse in this movie.

Other fun activity for the evening: Breakfast for Dinner! Bath, Books & Bed

If I was really on vacation I'd be taking lots of pictures so my plan is to do the same thing here at home. 

I pray that God would reveal Himself to you in a whole new way this evening.

Thank you for following along. You are loved!