Staycation Day 2: Family Fun on a Dime

FREE trial pass to the gym.
Take advantage of the special offers out there!
Lifetime Fitness, in our area, is offering a free 7 day trial pass to try out their gym.

This was the perfect week to have Alex try it out.
We went swimming together as a family tonight.
Andrew loved it for the most part. 
I did a few laps in the pool and then got to sit in the lovely hot tub. I forgot how wonderful hot tubs are. So nice and relaxing.

Then we headed to the kid's gym for some more fun on staycation.

All in all - a GREAT time! And totally FREE. :)
Let me know if you want me to email you a free 7-day trial pass to Lifetime and I will happily do so. You just have to be prepared for them to give you the sales pitch and possible tour, but it's so worth it.
I should note that I am a member here already but Alex isn't. It was great to be able to all hang out together at the gym tonight and have some good family fun.

Coffee Date as a Fam.
 Practice photography for Andrew (as seen in pic below).

A Little Productivity
... Passport Applications complete and turned in.
Andrew will have a passport in 4-6 weeks. Kind of a big ordeal to get a child a passport. Birth certificate, both parents/guardians present, checks, driver's license, marriage certificate.. feels good to have this done. We also got our passports renewed, Alex's expired in June and mine is due to expire in March (mailing them in). Nice to have this done.

3 Redbox Movies Midday: $3.21
What's in the line up? Ramona & Beezus, Despicable Me, Disney- Oceans

Movies @ Home and a Picture.
Rule: Have to put my feet up and not do anything else but watch the movie. 
(This can be very challenging for me who prefers to multi-task).
We had a great time.