Friends, I am so NOT a songwriter by my own judging, but I will say my soul longs to express my love for Christ and writing songs (again, I am not the judge! God is!) has been a fun new journey for me. The good news is that if I am being faithful and writing songs for Him (I don't have to write "good" ones! - Just songs to the King and FOR the King!. God can be the judge and do with them as He pleases. Admittedly, songwriting feels very vulnerable for me. I live to worship and have always done so with other people's songs - gladly! Someone suggested I start a prayer journal as a means to writing more songs. I started and one song was already birthed from this method! Praise the LORD!
Friends, I don't know if I've asked for prayer before on this blog, but I could really use your prayers in this new adventure. I have zero desire to write songs that are "my" songs, and every desire to write songs that angels would be singing to the Father in heaven, songs that are His! This = better start learn something fast about songwriting, continue to be open about learning anything and everything, let God use the people in my life to guide, teach and lead me, prayer and following the Spirit.
I thank God for the people in my life who are so encouraging of my following in the path that God has laid. What a blessing! (You know who you are!) Thank you!!
Also, thank you to all you lovely people who follow this blog. You are a blessing! XOXO
One more thing - how can I pray for you?! I want to pray for you.