Pancakes and Snow Birthday

I LOVED today.
Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

Andrew Jacob,

You exude joy and are a gift from heaven above.

You are a little worshiper and leader, you love to sing and dance, play guitar, smile, laugh, get tickled, play in the snow, be a helper to your mommy, tell jokes, make people laugh, say your ABCs, sing songs, complete puzzles, cuddle up with Zoey on the couch, eat pancakes, color, do art projects, and much more. You are pure delight and we are so thankful for everyday that we get to spend with you.

We started the morning in style with streamers on your door, Zoey came to greet you in the morning, as did mommy and daddy with big hugs and kisses. You were all smiles. Then we got to tell you to "look outside" and watch the cutest reaction ever as you were so excited to see the first snow of the year here in the twin cities. You got to open your two presents from mommy and daddy that were timed perfectly because you receieved your winter coat and snow pants! You and daddy played out in the snow and built a snowman. Pancakes were next for breakfast and we had Grandma & Grandpa, Great Papa & Donna, Uncle Mike, Aunt Mary & Uncle Kirk, Mommy & Daddy and Auntie Karin here to celebrate your big day in style with a pancake brunch. Good thing we made the bubble bread and fruit early because the power went out before we could make more than 8 pancakes! Oh well, we had a great time, even with no power. You did want to listen to your favorite worship songs but since there was no power we opted to sing and play them ourselves. It was a beautiful day, one that I will always remember. 
We love you.
 Love, Mom & Dad

You and Daddy after finishing your first snowman of the year. 
What a special treat snow on your birthday was.
I think you and Great Papa were telling secrets here.
You guys were fun to watch hanging out together.
Like two peas in a pod.

 Enjoying the snow and the day... and thinking about how nice it might be to own snowpants. :)

We were hungry. Ready for our guests to arrive so we could eat breakfast.

Making snowballs...

Here we were three years ago. You were cuddly then and are still such a cuddle bug now. 
Love it.

What a beautiful celebration of life today was.
God was in all the details.