Family Photo Tips: Lighting

7pm is my new favorite time to take pics.

Right now in the beginning of September that is sundown or almost sundown. Right when the light touches the grass so beautifully, (i.e. the dog and Andrew pic from previous post). Not necessarily convinced that the photos below showcase this lighting but we got there and tried.

We took the pics at the dog park, brought the tripod in hopes that we could catch the lighting at the right time. So often we wish that someone was able to click the button for us and take the pics but sometimes it's hard to plan photos with nap times, kid's moods, etc. and you just have to go on the fly! We would love a professional family pic but it's not always in the budget.

We had a lot of fun bringing Zoey to the park and she was anxious for her photo session to end so she could play. :)
Mornings offer some great lighting as well and if I was awake when the sun came up I'd be all about taking pictures then.

Here's a couple of our pics, set with a timer. Would you guess that one of us was sprinting 50 ft. to the photo location before the beep? ... They do make remote controls for this type of thing, thinking it might be a wise investment in the future.

I'm not a writer. This post seems random to me. I'm loving blogging though, thanks for hanging in there with me lovelies! :) Happy photo taking at sundown and sun up.