Never thought too much of where my milk came from until recently. Our local grocery store, Kowalskis, sells milk in glass bottles. I have to admit the first time I purchased it I did so because it looked cute. Then I read some more about it and was happy to find that it is from a farm just 30 minutes from where we live, and does not include RBST. I did not know what RBST was and still don't really but my sis was telling me a little bit about it and I'm happy to report that I'm enjoying buying this milk from our local grocery store knowing that we're supporting the local farmers by purchasing it and also getting some very good quality milk at the same time. It's a little more expensive to buy at $3.49 but $1.49 of that is a deposit for the bottle. I'm looking forward to buying this milk from now on and just continuing to return the bottles when we're through with them. For all who are interested, it's from Autumnwood Farms.

Note: After a month of going to the local library for internet, we are now back in service at our home! Thanks to all of you lovely followers of the Whatever Is Lovely blog. You guys are the best!