Hello, lovelies! How are you doing this fine day? I pray that you are doing well and feeling encouraged today, what a beautiful day it is! Sunny and 93 degrees here in the Midwest, United States. The last few weeks we've been on vacation. What a beautiful thing vacations are. So nice to spend time with family and enjoy each other's company! Though of course I missed all of you lovelies, and blogging, it was a very fun and much needed break.

What have I been up to while the munchkin is snoozing? I've been having fun over at! Have you heard of it? Guessing you have. Boy, what fun I've been having today loaning money! :) They say it is better to give than to receive and I think this is definitely true. My spirit is joyful right now after being able to loan 8 different groups some money towards their grocery and retail businesses. Mostly I supported entrepeneurs in Uganda and Rwanda but also some in Cambodia. What a blessing to be able to give! Here's a video from the kiva website on how it works.