Road Trips

There is something so simple and lovely about road trips.

From the time I was an infant to adulthood my family would take road trips from the Pacific Northwest to the beautiful lakes of Wisconsin, making stops along the way at local historic spots and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

This past weekend I got a taste of the past as we went on our own little 9 hr. road trip to visit family. 

Zoey enjoyed the trip and she enjoyed having a fenced in yard upon reaching our destination.

We enjoyed the trip as well.

What joy to have time together as a family this weekend.

Here are my two goofballs, playing with the camera in the backseat during the middle of a storm.

Here's the storm. Want to drive for me please?

Middle piece of hail is close to golf ball size in diameter.
The clouds were beginning to look a bit too much like tornadoes for my tastes.
There were tornado warnings in the area and we pulled off the road as soon as we were able.

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe today as we drove home.

Do you have a special place you like to road trip to?
Do share!