Flashback Friday

Tonight while working on this post I am listening to this sermon by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, http://www.marshillchurch.org/media/trial/temptation-from-worldliness. Would recommend it.

This is where we used to live. It is a 370 studio sq. ft. condo. We lived here with a newborn!!! Wow. Goes to show you really don't need much with babies. Sure, some things can make life with a newborn easier. We did end up with a swing after a month (I desperately wanted those few minutes so I could take a shower). We squeezed a glider next to the white sofa and we did end up with a changing table which acted as the station for everything baby. You can see in one of the pictures the cradle where our little guy slept. He used to wake up early and now as I look at these pictures I realize it had a lot to do with the expansive windows and all the sunlight we got in that place. We didn't own anything that was not essential and it was lovely. We felt a freedom with living so simply.

...Of course there were things which were hard, for example one has to ask the question of where do all of the visitors go when they come to see the newborn baby? How does the mom get to take a nap with all the people coming to visit (Doesn't happen). How does the mother nurse with just a studio condo and no rooms and people over (Bathroom). Where do people sit? (Barstool area, couch and pull down bed). Where do people park? (Metered street parking or parking lot by our building - yes felt bad about that one when they wanted to come visit and then had to pay). What about when the baby cries? (Yup, we were in the same room as the baby until 5 months when we moved to my relative's place for a month then my parent's, then bought our current home). Most people thought we were crazy living there as two people, much less add a baby and visitors. The thing of it all is living in that tiny abode is what allowed me to stay home with our baby and even save money on Alex's minimal living expense loan that he got through medical school. We paid off debt while living in this tiny place. We learned to live with clothes, food and a few items. And when I say learned I mean that we learned that we did NOT miss our STUFF! We were able to focus on what was important. God, each other, family and building memories through trips out of the home - the zoo, a 2 week road trip when Andrew was 2 weeks old (for residency interviews), a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit family, a trip to Arizona to visit great grandparents.. we went on lots of walks (including a stop by the State Capitol nearly every day - see pic below). It did help living with three people in this tiny studio loft to remind myself of how people in China might be living with 12 people in that same size space. I was thankful for this place to call home. We hope you enjoy the tour.

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." This sits at the front of the State Capitol in St. Paul. 
(In a hotel room at two weeks). Our view