Ideas for Throwing a Bridal Shower

Throwing a shower is a wonderful way to express your love for the bride and groom. Any shower is fun for the bride but I think it's the thoughtful extra touches that make it extra special. Here are a few examples of ways to add some extra touches.

The Invitation: 
Consider buying one and mailing it. It's fun to get good old-fashioned mail in the mail. This one came from I love it. On our invitation we switched the words a little bit to "We're mixing things up at a shower for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bring a gift for her or for him, along with love and best wishes!"
To Save Money, is a great way to send an invitation, allow guests to respond, and there are a lot of choices available.
Name Tags:
This is a nice way for everyone to feel welcome especially if there are people in the room who won't know each other. To copy these name tags take a 3" x 5" notecard and staple ribbon in the bride & groom's wedding colors to the top. Place a safety pin at the top, offer a Sharpie and possibly some markers in the bride and groom's wedding colors at the table to decorate and Ta-Da! A cute way to add a special touch.
Corsage for the Bride-to-Be:
Ways to make it special: This corsage has ribbon in the bride's wedding colors along with a cute extra touch with the "Pinch, Smidgen & Dash" Measuring spoons included in the corsage.
Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies w/ Bride & Groom's Initials:
Note that this was my first time using icing for letters and I recognize my need for growth in this area of creativity. :) It is hard to make letters with icing! Some people joked, "Who's Kim?" Oops. Next time I would focus harder on making the + symbol more clearly defined! This was my favorite extra touch out of all the things, but maybe that's because I love to bake.

Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:
In this case the shower was a "His & Hers" shower. I thought it would be nice to offer something that I knew the groom would like to open and then make it extra special with little sayings on the tools. Someone gave this gift to us for our wedding and we still have the little sayings attached to the inside of our toolbox.

Tool Box:

Measuring Tape w/ saying: "Remember your promise to go the distance... in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for better or for worse."

 Level w/ saying: "When challenges come, keep a level head."

Flashlight w/ saying: "Let Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, guide you and bind you together in service and love."

 Plyers: (I forgot to buy these) w/ saying, "Don't let the little things get in the way. Come together and hold each other close."

Consider using ribbon & bow that match the bride & groom's wedding colors. In this case, pink. The ribbons often get used to make a fake bridal bouquet that the bride will use at her rehearsal as a pretend bouquet.

 Another Idea - Devotion:
Because this was a shower for my sister-in-law, my husband's sister, I asked if my husband would be up for doing a devotion for his sis. He was and it was fun to have a short devotion before the presents were opened. I think the bride appreciated it more too knowing that it was coming from her bro.

Most of all, enjoy throwing the shower! The bride would not want you to be stressed and neither do I! :) Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, google ideas for bridal showers, and/or use as an excellent resource for all things wedding.

Happy Shower Throwing!