I am nesting. Maybe it's because we're getting a new puppy soon, because it's turning into Spring here in the midwest, or maybe it's because if our last pregnancy had worked out I would be 37 weeks pregnant and preparing for a baby to arrive. Whatever the reason, it happens that two years after moving into our home I am working on the making the downstairs look finished. I would like it to look welcoming, peaceful, simple and organized. Is that too much to ask? :)

Note that it is slightly embarrassing to show all the different furniture arrangements tried out today but hopefully you can get a good laugh knowing that you are not the only one who does this! (Or at least I'd like to think that I am not the only one!)

The idea was that these baskets would hold toys... I know which dining room and living room combo I like best. What do you think? 

Good Night Lovelies!