Mommy & Son Date

So today after looking in the fridge around dinner time and noticing we had ZERO food in the fridge I decided to make it an official first date with Andrew. That's right, I got to take Andrew on his first date and it feels good knowing we had a grand time together! We headed for Pot Belly Sandwiches, my favorite place to grab a sandwich and milkshake. We ordered a turkey sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo & oil, harvest cheddar sun chips and a chocolate shake. For those of you who have been there you know just how good this food can taste. Well it hit the spot for us! Andrew (who does not like to eat) decided he was going to eat half of the sandwich, fixings and all! Very fun. The best part was before we left to go to Potbelly, when Andrew was all buckled into his car seat and I was getting buckled in the front I turned and said sort of serious, "Andrew, have you ever been on a date before?" to which he said "No" and then I was able to tell him that a date was when two people or maybe more, I said, but usually two people gather together and have fun. Then asked him, "Would you like to go on a date with me?" And he said "Yes" with joy! So there you have it... I'm learning as I go with this whole blogging thing. Learning that it sure would have been nice to have a picture of the occasion to share. I am usually taking pictures of other people and I need to work on taking some of him and I together! Thanks for hanging in there with me and I'll work on putting more photos on here. That's what everyone wants to see anyway, right?!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!