Kiwi Crates & Summer Fun

Hello, Lovelies! 

What a beautiful summer this is here in the Pacific Northwest! Feels like yesterday in some ways that I lived here, but truth is it was fifteen years ago that I last lived in this beautiful city. 

I love Seattle! I also love everywhere else I have lived, North Dakota being so beautiful in its endless flatness of hills and clouds and sky, the cold and the heat. Minnesota so gorgeous in summer, land of 10,000 lakes! Heat, summer sun, old-fashioned days at the ice cream parlor, swimming pool, well-built neighborhood communities, friendships, neighbors and relatives.. I love it all. 

I'm looking forward to writing more these days! Sharing what is on my heart and on my mind. Choosing to be bold and brave with you here in this little corner of the web. :)

Since deciding to homeschool our second grader next year I signed up for Kiwi Crates. A monthly craft project delivered to our front door. Truth is I don't really like doing crafts (gasp, I know).. as a kid I loved them! But as a grown up, I don't know... so many little pieces and planning to go to the store and figure out a project and put it all together. Kiwi Crates made it easy and the kids loved it. We worked almost the whole day on building, crafting and playing! The kids did love it and it inspired me to plan more fun projects that just allow kids to be kids. There is something to play for the sake of play that is so beautiful! 


Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!