Inspire Me DIY Challenge: Front Entry

Hello Lovelies!

I'm excited to show you our most recent home project, complete!
We painted our front door gray, changed out our light fixture, added a small row of hooks and frame, some House of Belonging art, bench and also a chalkboard. 

I loved it before and I love it even more now!
Enjoy. :)



Note I'm aware of what a funny schedule for the day this was. The lesson today really was on goats and cows and farm animals.. so we get to try goats milk vs. cow's milk, sing Old McDonald, make badges of a goat, color purple cows, tons of good stuff. Also note it's been ten years since I've really handwritten much and I realize as I look at this that I miss the days that I care what my penmanship looks like. Note to self, be more arty and creative on this chalkboard. I do love the idea of having our schedule each day written out. Helps the boys to be expectant.

Thanks to #inspiremediy and all the ladies doing a fun challenge on instagram!
Glad I found you and was able to link in to the party.

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