The Boys' Room

With the boys growing and with that the sizes of their pants growing, it was time for a new dresser.
The boys share a bedroom (and love it) and previously they each had one long dresser drawer and one small one.
We spent the past couple days building this Ikea Hemnes Extra-Wide Dresser and love it! 
I love what it adds to the space.
A clean, modern touch to go with the wood bunks / twin beds.

I thought about building the bunks again but decided against it for now.
Too much changing around can be a bad thing. :)
So for now the twin beds stay twin beds. 
I do love the way they look and how they fit into the room perfectly.

Ok so basically I stripped the boys room of all the accessories and randomness this morning and am taking pictures before deciding on the little touches or details to add to the space.
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

I wanted this space to double as an extra spot for guests to sleep when they come.
I wanted it to remain relatively neutral and peaceful but still be boyish.
I think I'm missing a few more boyish touches to make it more their own but they love it and love sleeping here and are really pumped to have their own side of the dresser with two long drawers and two small each now!

Welcome to the empty-ish boys' room. :)
Pic above missing the white pillow cases that added to the space. Thinking about adding wall sconces from PBKids, the fisherman sconce in brushed nickel to the wall up top each bed. Good for reading.  
Sources: Art. Rug. Basket.

Insert cute black and white picture of the boys here.
Source: Frame.

Thinking some kind of cute zebra animal on the chair and of course some books in the book bin. Sources: ChairBin.

I'm kind of liking the simplicity of not much going on with the dresser. Twins hat, what else could a boy need. I do have a lamp coming in the mail (this one) and have been scouring pinterest for ideas for the top of the dresser. I've always wanted to do a vintage baseball room but also love how simple and functional the space is as-is. Love the Hillsong United lyrics on the wall, you own the skies and still you want my heart. Basically loving the simplicity of this space. Details to come with new pics as soon as I'm done!