Spring Planters!

It's 75 Degrees in Minnesota today and feels like SPRING!
I am one happy camper.

Went to the garden store for the first time today.
I could smell the summer breeze, the flowers sending whisps of freshness and the beauty stretching from corner to corner, gorgeous flowers! 

Here's my shopping cart FULL of green, white and purple varieties!

Spring Planter Designed by me. I love it.

Bought a bunch of Salvia May's (one of my faves) and not quite sure where to put them yet. 
Is it weird to stick flowers under a tree?

Not sure.

And just for you, my lovely blog readers, the list of flowers and plants below to save you time and the energy creating your own planter.

I can't speak to how long these flowers will last but they sure do look lovely!

Happy Day.