Saving Money Shopping at Pottery Barn

After moving twelve times in ten years I knew when we moved to our new place that I did not want to buy furniture and random things that were not going to work in our place and have to buy new again in just a few short years. I wanted to buy what I truly loved and stick with it and BE DONE. (Yeah right, I can hear my husband's voice ringing in my ears now). Really though I don't want to spend my life trying to figure out how to best make my home function for us. I want to figure it out, make it simple, organized and beautiful and be done with it. 

Shopping at Pottery Barn was something I knew I would end up doing. Here's how we saved.

1. Make sure and check the box for having your Pottery Barn catalog shipped to your new address when you fill out your move form at the post office. We received a 15% off mover's coupon which we were then able to save and wait and make a big order when large purchases like our sectional couch were on sale. We got a sale price, plus 15% off mover's discount.

2. Work with a designer in-store who is able to find the floor model prices and discounts before customers know about them. We saved a lot of money this way!

3. Buy gift cards at I knew I was going to spend $2100 of furniture at Pottery Barn so I bought that much in gift cards from, it might sound crazy to do that much ultimately I bought Pottery Barn gift cards worth $2100 for $1902.00 through cardpool. I was then able to watch for discounts in store and floor models and pay less than full price, plus the 15% off mover's coupon and then use my gift cards to purchase. I'm gonna say that buying furniture there is cheap, it is not. But it did make the price go down significantly for furniture that I view as timeless and built to last and that I love instead of just buying something only to not really love it and change it later.

4. Work there. Not even kidding you, I got hooked up big time and got to work one day at Pottery Barn in St. Paul. I was able to work their inventory day and then take 20% off any in-store purchases. This was a great way to have fun for a day, get out of the house and hang with other creative people, get to feel like I was "registering" all over again running around the store with my scanner having competitions with myself for how fast I could scan every item in my given section and also shop for our new place at a discount.

So what do you think? Do you have any secrets to saving money at Pottery Barn?
How about blog design, do you have any secrets you are willing to share with me about how to make my blog posts way cooler than they are right now. Better fonts. Pictures included. Better layout. Ads in sidebar. More streamlined design with just black and white letters and all white background. Maybe a few grey letters worked in. Some day some day.. for now just my home saving thoughts and tips! Always a work-in-progress, right?