Mini Herb Garden

And it is complete!
My mini kitchen counter herb garden.

Left is Basil, Center is Oregano, Right is Peppermint.

I like the pop of green color in the kitchen and possibly even the functionality of adding a bit of spice while cooking.

Do you have an herb garden? What does it look like? Super fancy and leaning against a wall outside some place? In planters on a deck? An entire garden full complete with fence? Pinterest has so many inspiring pictures for gardening and landscaping. After one day of planting a planter and building a mini herb garden I am sold and in love. Is landscaping and gardening not like being an artist, seems like you get to make a visually pleasing aesthetic that carries the eye from place to place, work the land, water, bask in the summer sun... ahh, it's going to be a good summer.

Cheers lovelies.