Knit Baby Goodness

Who doesn't love cute baby items.
My friend Abby has her own shop and makes the most adorable hand-crocheted items.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Check out this adorable baseball set for little boys (or girls). 
Are you kidding me? 
This makes me want to have another infant just so I can take a picture.

Summer sandals for baby. 

The perfect hat for spring/summer.
Still keeps baby warm but has the touch of spring with the purple flower.

Dare I add fall boot socks to the list on this first warm day.
These are too cute not to add.

Please someone tell me they are having twins or that they are a photographer who wants this as a photo prop. 
Too cute!
And unique.

When my daughter Annabel was born I brought a few knit hats to the hospital with me. It was fun to dress her up in the cute hats for pictures and it made people smile. I love those pictures and those new baby moments.

To find more items for sale you can visit her etsy shop

Make great gifts for yourself or a loved one!