Kitchen Counter Decorating

Hurray for warm weather! 
Today I spent most of the day sorting through items and making lists and loading the trunk for Goodwill. Our garage is getting clean and organized and can't wait to share that some day soon. We had a garage sale two weekends ago and it was so fun to set up shop and make a little bit, mainly I like seeing people get excited for things and sharing some fun things with others.

I found this Smith & Hawken glass top at Target and thought I might be able to stick it on top of my cake platter. What do you think. What should I put in this, anything? Maybe I'll share some more kitchen pics in the future to give the whole picture. I'm not the best at accessories, I don't like clutter so it's hard for me to find the balance of making a home a home vs. adding something just to add it. I like things to look beautiful, be simple, and function. My real goal is to finish spaces and call them done and never change them. Ha. Do you think it's possible?

How about you? Do you like to add various pieces on your counters, picture frames, salt and pepper shakers, books, elephants, plants other sculptural type things? Do you keep your kitchen counter completely clear of the toaster, appliances and everything? So curious.

I really do like the simple life. If it was up to me I would not have our toaster even on the counter. How do you accessorize your kitchen? Would love for you to share your blog with me in the comments so I can reconnect and discover all of your home projects and spaces! Truth is it's been a few years since I've been reading up, can't wait to dive back in.