How to Add an Instagram Widget to Your Blogger Blog

Since we're all in this together and it's always a work-in-progress blog around here today I want to share with you how to add the instagram widget to your blogger blog.

First thing is to go to Iconosquare and sign up.
Follow the prompts to sign up.

After you have signed up using your instagram log-in information find the Promote button at the top of the page.
Looks like this.
5th one in, Click on it.

That will bring you to a page that looks similar to this, but with your instagram images and pictures on the right.
I chose to make mine a 3 x 3 grid.
If you like my gray colors for the font you can copy my background color with the letters FFFFFF and text color 7777777.

At the bottom of that page it will say "Get Code" in blue hyperlink. 
Click on it and it will give you your html code. 
Select all and copy it.

Next log into your blog and find your Layout tab. Click on Layout. Then find where it says "Add Gadget". Click on this.

You want to add an HTML/JavaScript button.
Scroll through until you see the HTML/JavaScript Button, click the + sign.
Looks like this.
4th one down. Click the blue plus sign.

It will bring up this box for Configure HTML/JavaScript. Here is where you click on the "content" box and click Paste under edit. You want to paste the code your previously copied into this box.

Click Save. It will take you to your layout page where you press "Save Arrangement", "View Blog" and ta-da! You now have your instagram feed up and running on your blog! 

Should look something like this.
Congrats, you did it!
We are learning together.

Happy Monday.