Garage Organization

Happy Memorial Day everyone.
Thank you to those who have served this country with their hearts, souls and lives. Thank you to the spouses and relatives of those in the service. 

Today was a delightful day spent as a family.

To top it off we got to organize the garage for the first time since moving in in October. Too cold in October to get anything in place! 

Excuse the grainy pics but I had to share this evening while it's still fresh in  my mind.
We have the fast track system by Rubbermaid and love it.
I noticed they sell it at Target now!
We got ours through their website if I remember right, or maybe some of the pieces from amazon back in the day. We actually took this system from our old place and moved with it.
The shelving is new, ELFA by The Container Store. 
I do love to be organized. 
We are not quite there yet but we certainly got a bit closer tonight.
Please accept my apology that my final reveal pics for the #inspiremediy are not up on the blog today! I was so excited to participate with some fellow instagrammers and due to my desire for the finished reveal to actually be finished I failed to take the pics today. I am waiting for one piece of etsy art to come in the mail. As soon as it does you will see the final reveal pics here. Thanks.

Garage Organization 1/2 of it anyway.
Check it out.

Hurray for a place for my newfound love of gardening.
Of course this all might change as we begin to use things and see what is most functional and practical. For the summer I am loving all this space in these drawers for some garden supplies.


This is the ELFA shelving. I've got a garden section now, who knew?! I love gardening. Can't wait to plant my lavender seeds and watch them grow.

I took these pics at night so not the greatest but what do you think? I love having all those baskets.
I sorted the baskets by sport and am hoping they will stay organized like these. So much easier to grab something fun and run out the door to play. Baseball bats, bike helmets, hula hoop, drink cooler, golf clubs, bike, sleds, balls, camping chairs. I really do love being outside when it's warm so this wall of fun makes me happy!

You can't really tell by these pics but there was a lot of sorting through to do. I don't like to have anything that is not used or extra in our home so really that stuff is in a pile on the other side of the garage for giving to specific people, a few things for craigslist, giveaway. Also on the other side are the kid's bikes and fun outdoor sit-on toys. A project for another day.

Thank you again to those who are or have served our country in the military, marines, army, navy, and those people that are related to them. The freedom we have in this country is not something I take for granted. I am extremely thankful.