Front Entry

Hello Lovelies! 
What I have learned about myself and this blog is this: I love decorating, I love inspiring pictures, I love the conversation about homes in progress, works-in-progress, shopping, great finds, creative ideas and I miss that community. I have also learned that I am not one to want to share details of my personal life online. So with that said, from now on I will be posting home decor inspiration, my own works-in-progress, pictures and fun things I find and see while shopping at Target, Pottery Barn, antique stores and all the other fun places I find stuff while out and about.

With that said, today I'm working on my front entry! I'm trying to take a (gorgeous) builder-basic front entry and give it some personality!

Here is after my late night hanging of the straw hat, placement of the Hunter boots, my trip to Target this morning for the wreath on the outside of the door and hanging the empty frame that had been sitting in a drawer in my bedroom waiting for a place. I like where this is headed! 

What do you think?

I want to paint the back of the front door either high gloss black or  dark grey color, maybe Kendall Charcoal. I want to put a Live Simply print in grey inside the frame and find a small row of oil-rubbed bronze hooks for underneath the frame.

Sources: RugBootsHatWreathFrame.

Hope you all are well!