Entry Update with Hooks

What do you know but the husband found a small row of hooks at Target for me on his way home from work. What a guy, right!

Please excuse these nighttime pics but while I'm in the spirit of getting over myself and wanting everything to be perfect I have chosen non-perfection and night time pics! In my mind everything is beautiful and there is loads of natural light in my entire instagram feed and beautiful images captured in each picture. And then there is reality. Love. And Life. And the non-perfect photos but the picture perfect memory capture that I get to make as a mom with each beautiful smile my kids give me and each darling statement. Do you know what my four year old son said to me this morning? We had just woken up and we looked out the window at the house being built across the street. And he said that when he grows up he wants to build houses so he could build me one. Come on, the sweetness. I love my life. And my family. So precious. He has such a sweet heart. Love my Asher boy.

Ok, the addition of the row of hooks under the PB frame.

Who will hang their keys there? Well I guess we are going to need some more guests to come over. Averaging one a week staying the night over here and by the looks of things it's not looking like it's letting up anytime soon. Infact our guest list continues to grow! So more space = more guests. Glad to have a guest room.