Command Hooks in the Kitchen

Inspired by Julie Blanner's kitchen organization, I decided to add some command hooks to the back of one of my kitchen cupboards.

I like it! Though as I'm staring at the picture below from Julie's site I'm realizing the reason I love hers so much is because it's all baking in one area. Baking central cupboard area, so maybe I'll rearrange tomorrow and try that.

I have two glass containers now on the counter, one labeled Dark Roast and one labeled Light Roast. Truth is I copied a local staging company that I think does a really good job and did the same thing. Great for my morning french press.

Inspiration photo:

Just want everything super simple and easy and clean. Ya know? Some days I think I need to get over that, other days I am so profoundly aware of how living in a peaceful simple home is so freeing to my mind. Call it what you want to call it, but it's a fact I've learned about myself. 

I've also noticed a difference in my children's behavior when the home is simple and clutter-free and more or less distraction less. It frees up our time to read together, to play and make couch forts, to play outside, color and use their imaginations. 

Seriously though my goal is a simple and clutter-free home where everything is either beautiful or it's being used, nothing goes to waste, anything extra goes to people who need it and can use it. I want to be a good steward and I also appreciate beauty and creativity and a sense of fun in spaces.

I promise to eventually get serious about writing, but for now I'm blogging my thoughts. Because you know what, if I wanted it to be perfect it wouldn't be here. The blog would be empty... in my mind my photos are taken on our "real camera" and then I would transfer them over to the computer then edit then post. Until that process is simpler, it's the small jpegs and work-in-progress spaces.