Target Summer Patio

Lately I've been studying what stagers use when they stage homes. Why? Because I can appreciate simplicity and that's what stagers seem to do best, keep things simple.

These Target Belvedere Club Chairs and Accent Table have been in a few of the staged homes I've seen recently in model homes as well as a few of the Parade of Homes' homes. 

In an effort to turn my home into a space that will be simple and peaceful and restful in the future, I bought two of the Target Belvedere Club Chairs, reg. price $249.00, online price $173.99 - the store matched the online price for me - SCORE! And one of the Target Belvedere Accent Tables, Reg. price $114.00, online price 79.49. Thank you Target stores for matching the online prices!! Glad I got to go home with two club chairs and one accent table for my patio. We may be moving in the future and in thinking ahead about how I want my future home to be peaceful and inviting and "staged" for simplicity I went ahead with the purchase! I promised myself I would sell enough items on craigslist and eBay to make up for the $427.47 purchase price. I'm only $52.47 away from getting there!!! :)

I didn't buy any pillows or anything. Interestingly enough one of the staged homes that I enjoyed seeing these chairs in didn't have throw pillows on the chairs. Do you think it needs a little color in the form of some pillows? I was feeling like it did, but since I'm in the spirit of copying stagers I'm going with a no! Ha.

Happy Tuesday!

Disclaimer: Target does not pay me for these posts, though I would not mind if they did! 

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