Master Bedroom Furniture

Since the Parade of Homes last Spring I have been trying to disect where stagers purchase furniture. If you are a stager, feel free and comment but for now I have only tried to scour the internet to find one certain bedroom set that I absolutely loved in one of the Spring parade models.

With the help of pinterest and online photos I think I found it! 

Have you ever heard of Cymax? I found a bedroom set there that I love, it is black and classic and elegant and also kind of fun at the same time. Here is a picture.

Looks kind of boring in the picture, right? From what I can tell this is the same piece of furniture that Ambiance at Home uses to stage some of their homes. Ambiance, if you are reading this, I LOVE your rooms! You do a great job! So I hope it's ok I'm sharing this information. Let me say that I do not know for sure if this is where they buy their furniture. I only think that based off of the picture that the bedroom set is the same or similar. Here was my inspiration photo for finding this bedroom set, picture from Ambiance-at-Home.

It looks much better in a real room! Classic, timeless, elegant, right?! I LOVE. So pretty and cute. A high-end set at a reasonable price too. Not even close to Pottery Barn prices.

Note that I can't find the set online at cymax anymore, but I think it's not there because I bought it for my master bedroom and am waiting for delivery. :) I put a link above to a similar white set. I also had more coupons then even the sale price when I purchased, and FREE delivery! I'll let you know my thoughts once the set actually comes. You never know ordering online. At the moment I'm feeling great about it!

Happy Friday Lovelies!