My friend Kennesha is coming out with a book! You can pre-order it HERE.

Its called, “Restoration House: Creating a Space that Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter.”

Yes, Kennesha! Go girl!


You can find her on Instagram at @restorationhouse .


Isn’t she beautiful! And she’s so gifted at design and in my first hand experience creates the most gorgeous simple tablescapes you have ever seen! Specifically referring to her volunteer work at our church designing the tables for a once a month event called She. She just knows how to make things beautiful.

I can’t wait to read this book as I know she’s one of those people who just gets it when it comes to design, like that friend who you want to ask how did you make that so simple and lovely. But you know what is simple to others is not so simple when you try and create that same beauty yourself. 😂

Thank you, Kennesha, for sharing this book with the world! Truth is I don’t know what it’s about yet entirely other than creating a home that gives life and connection to all that enter but that’s reason enough in itself! Can’t wait to read!

Order your book HERE.

Happy day, lovelies!