My Day

How was your day, lovelies?

Do anything fun.

It's quite remarkable what somebody can do in one day.

Other than general welfare and care of the kids, we managed to get a lot done today! I figure I have appx. five days left of summer the way I see it. This means I have five days to completely remodel the whole house, re-arrange, organize closets, pantries, hang art where it is meant to be, do laundry, pack for the last vacation of the year, read, organize the homeschool materials... the list goes on. Somehow the list fades away each day as the sweet moments arrive and I throw everything else out the window!

A few things that did get done today!

Christmas in August. 


Oh yes, that's right. Two lego sets arrived in the mail today and they got wrapped for Christmas! I can hardly believe it myself.

A pajama lot came from Yerdle! My favorite Yerdle yet.


Annabel loves the pjs! Princesses and ballerinas and everything. Best $5.00 shipping I ever spent.

Re-arranging. All day, everyday right? Well almost. Trying to get things finished around here but it is all evolving. Took the art from the nursery / guest room and moved it, thinking it might go well above this bed. What do you think? Who wants to help me design this space? I'm envisioning all white walls, Pure White by Sherwin Williams, shiplap behind the bed or some other pop of fun or texture, nightstands, lamps, a long pillow in front of the three. There's a lot of potential in this space, lets just say that. LOVE this art by Thom Filicia. It speaks to my soul and is called Warm Memories ii.


Christmas! My homeschool materials arrived and got opened from the box. All the packaging was taken off! To you and me this picture looks like an unorganized pile of junk. To me it is GOLD! Hallelujah! Couldn't be more thrilled to get organized these next five days, look at the curriculum and get to work organizing our first days of second grade! And preschool. With our Kindergartner headed off to class M-F. 


The Coat Closet became a Coat Closet again.


At first I was going to say the coat closet got organized but ultimately it's not like it looks that cute right now. It took a lot of work to get all the random school papers, broken crayons, shoes and other miscellaneous items out of this space and put the coats on the hangers, shoes up above and turning it back into a functioning coat closet instead of a dump zone to throw things behind the door before people come over. :)

Art got moved yet again. Each place it gets hung I always like it.. and then it moves from room to room. This used to grace the hallway downstairs outside our powder bathroom. It was cute to see when walking out of the bathroom but I quite like it here as well. Sugarboo art is and has always been one of my faves.


This Life is Beauty Full art got hung in this guest bathroom. And I imagined how gorgeous this bathroom is going to be. All white walls, shiplap, carrera marble counter and new fresh white console, mirror frame painted, frameless shower with white polished subway tiles and new simple floor, with new chrome fixtures to give this space a little sparkle. Can you picture it now? It has so much potential. :)


I dreamed of this space. The sofa being white, the walls being shiplapped fresh white, the trim being white... are you seeing a theme here. When it comes to interiors, I am loving the look of white on white these days. Lots of texture, simplicity, still interest but just soothing and calm.. What color hardwoods would you put in here? I can picture beautiful restored floors from a 100 year old barn. :) Would be stunning! Also can picture some friends coming over to intervene and turn this space into exactly what it is meant to be! I'm all about people's help. Lets be real. So many people are so talented at interior design! My favorites at the moment are Studio McGee, Kelly Nutt Design, Becki Owens, Nicole Davis, Holly Mathis Interiors, House of Jade Interiors, Milk and Honey Home, Angie Helm Interiors and Sarah Swanson Design. I have been told a mirror would go well above this couch because it would reflect the ocean.. not a bad plan! Who wants to help me finish this space to reach its full potential?! Pretty please.


My Fiddle Leaf Fig is still alive. That's worth a note.


This was all kind of the last ten minutes of the day, when I grabbed the camera for fun and decided I want to start blogging my days again. I loved the community I had in blogging five years ago, miss all my peeps who love decorating and making a house a home as much as I do. I'm sure someone out there can relate to envisioning the most absolutely gorgeous spaces in your head.. this post is me sharing as-is current pics! I love this home so much. Can't wait to transform it to its full potential.


At the end of the day, I am not complaining! Watching the artwork that is a living breathing ocean and sky and clouds and sunsets is the most exquisite thing. I do not take one day for granted, staring at this creation! Soak it in. Savor it. Give praise! Beautiful.


Happy Monday lovelies. Who wants to work on a remodel with me and/or save up and start building homes all throughout Seattle that are the most exquisite pieces of beauty you have ever seen in your life? :)