Christmas in July! Lindsay Letters

Lindsay Letters has long been one of my favorite artists, she does inspiring hand-lettering and I especially love her Whatever Is Lovely artwork and her Christmas pieces! 

For the month of July she is offering Christmas in July specials for some of her Christmas art!

Check them out with the links below and tell her I sent you! Of course have to include the Whatever Is Lovely artwork as well at the bottom of these Christmas images. :)

It's too bad that I started a no-spend month today! Trying out a company called Yerdle basically joining together with other people to not buy anything new for 30 days. You post pictures of things to "give" and then other people can buy it and then you receive a few bucks, buyer pays shipping.. I've made $330 so far today and yesterday, $5 at a time.. I like knowing that the items are going to people who want/need them. I did realize though after spending four hours yesterday packing items to ship, time is valuable too! Anyway, good to clear out! Just wishing my no spend month didn't fall right on Lindsay Letters Christmas in July sale! :) You know I would have a full cart of her gorgeous art! Love it.  Maybe someone wants to buy me some for Christmas? Hint, hint. I do love her art. Always have.

Merry Christmas early and Happy July 4th weekend approaching!