And the Winner Is...

Anthropologie Aurora Multicolored String Lights!

Never thought the day would come that I would like colored lights for Christmas decorating (in my old age that is!) but it has come!

I wanted to do something fun for Christmas this year. You know, be the FUN mom.

So, I did it. 

I bought COLORED lights!

These puppies right here.

I bought the Small 6ft battery operated strand, one strand, for our boy's room. These boys have been through quite a bit in the past few years. All good, but still so much change, I wanted for their sake a little twinkle and fun right in their room. I put this in a large jar on their night light! (The Hungarian glass jar by Restoration Hardware) and walla! A little colorful sparkle to get them in the holiday spirit. They really did LOVE them and they work GREAT as a nightstand!

I want to put beach shells in the jar the rest of the year, but for now I am loving the function of this night light.

There you have it, my single winner for what one Christmas decoration to spend money on this year. Twinkle lights. I bought them on Black Friday with 25% off and free shipping. And yes, also purchased a 50 ft strand for some birch tree lighting, three more white 6' strands, and one 100 ft strand that I ended up having to return because half the lights weren't working. It was an investment, but one I am so happy with! Glad to spend money on lights and just lights this year. Simple, minimal Christmas decorating and loving it.

Hugs everyone, sleep well. I'm looking forward to blogging again more. Just my random finds and thoughts and home stuff.