Target Fall Finds

With a new move to the Pacific Northwest and Fall just around the corner, me and my two youngest headed to Target today so I could wander through the aisles and feel like I was right back home in MN. :) Land of Target's on every corner, just like Starbucks is on every corner here in WA.

Here's what I came away with! 


Leisure Dress.

Plaid Button-Down.

Yellow Cardigan.

Jean Dress.

Gray Detail Sweatshirt.

Comfy Wrap Jacket.

The difference between shopping online and in store is now looking online I see that half the items I bought were from the Juniors department. (Oops.) In store I didn't really notice and just tried on and bought what worked. My goal was to find a few classic pieces for fall, and in general I am sticking to neutrals in my wardrobe to simplify. Probably going to end up returning the yellow sweater and plaid button-down. Color is good but I don't know, I've been working on keeping everything neutral so I don't need to own much but still have cute clothes that go together. I was inspired by fall and thought a pop of color would be fun at the apple orchards, pumpkin patch, WA state fair... think I'll stick to pops of color for accessories.

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So far my favorite is the raincoat! I am wearing it now and love it. It's so much better in person than even online.

Happy shopping.